Vincent Keeffe


All over the USA
01 - Brand, Marketing, Visual Design, UI/UX, Strategy

I have worked with top-level clients. Driving brand direction and opening up opportunities for increased sales.

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Branding / Visual Design / UI/UX / Special Projects
Web Development

PJD Construction Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area
01 - Brand & Identity

The master-worker ‘P’ of PJD Construction wanted their Irish Family Crest to translate into his company logo. The essence of his new brand is birthed from its core values: quality, efficiency, and integrity.

Branding / Identity / Environment
Web Development

San Francisco, CA
02 - Brand & Identity

Those who love the outdoors need equipment they can rely on. The Earthwork brand is committed to innovating sustainable and durable explorers' products and activewear.

Brand Concept / Identity
Outdoor Equipment Supplier

San Francisco, CA
03 -  Product Design

Making independent travel more accessible with offline capability. Regulated community-based map updates. Create your travel group with offline communication. Plan trips in advance. Accommodates hiking, backpacking, camping, RV, road trips, and locations of interest. Energy-saving display mode for extended travel.

Product Design
Offline GPS Navigation

San Francisco, California