Branding & Identity;
Brand Guidelines & Systems;
Graphic and Production Design;
UX/UI, Front-End Digital Design,
User Persona, Product,
User testing, User-survey,
Competitive Analysis,
Writing & Scripting,
Interview/Voice Editing;
HTML & CSS for email;
High-Fidelity & High-Quality Standards,
Pixel Perfect;
Photography, Photomanipulation,
Photo composite;
Presentation Design;
(HCI / HMI) Human-Computer Interaction, Responsive Design, HTML, CSS, Sass;
Golden Ratio;
Video Production & Video Editing;
Audio Design;
Digital Photography, Editing & Retouching;

Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, After Effects);
Figma, Protopie;
Sketch, Paper & Ruler;
Book Production;
Research and Analysis;
Fusion 360;
Collaboration, Initiative;

Project Management Tools: Trello, Notion, Asana, Team-Work; Google Suite;



I am a:
Brand Designer
Visual Psychologist
Perceptions Expert

Here to catalyze your viewership and marketability from front to back and all of those places in between. My career in Branding is birthed from a professional track in construction, picture framing, photography, glassblowing, art, music and more; able to approach a project from multiple directions.

Design has become my world as it has allowed me to fuze and expand upon my previous art and fabrication experiences with a strong passion for precise construction, communication and craft.

I have been a Designer for five years.
Branding for three.

Thanks for your consideration.
Let us build your world,
Vincent Keeffe
Bacholers of Fine Art - Graphic Design

San Francisco, California