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Social Media Graphics
Print & Web...

...typography, color theory, grids

Concept × Art × Math & Gestalt
Science in Perceptions & Illusion

Motion & Audio Editing 
Photography & Illustration
Painting & Collage
Vector & 3D-cinema4d

I am a:
Brand Designer
Visual Psychologist
Perceptions Expert

Here to catalyze your viewership and marketability from front to back and all of those places inbetween. My career in Branding is birthed from a professional track in construction, picture framing, photography, glassblowing, art, music and more; able to approach a project from multiple directions.

Design has become my world as it has allowed me to fuze and expand upon my previous art and fabrication experiences with a strong passion for precise construction, communication and craft.

I have been a Designer for five years.
Branding for three.

Thanks for your consideration.
Lets build your world,
Vincent Keeffe
Bacholers of Fine Art - Graphic Design

San Francisco, California