Graphic and Production Design;
Branding & Identity, Brand Guidelines & Systems; Photography & Photomanipulation, Editing & Retouching; Presentations; Information Graphics; Video Production & Video Editing, Audio Design; Writing & Scripting, Interview / Voice Editing; High-Fidelity & High-Quality Standards, Pixel Perfect; Environment and 3D Space; Book Production;

UX / UI, Front-End Digital Design;
(HCI / HMI) Human-Computer Interaction, Responsive Design; Golden Ratio; Product, User-testing, User-survey, Competitive Analysis; E-mail Development & Coding, HTML, CSS, Sass;

Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator,
InDesign, XD, After Effects); Figma, Protopie; Sketch, Paper & Ruler; Research and Analysis; Fusion 360; Project Management Tools: Trello, Notion, Asana, Team-Work; Google Suite; 

Collaboration, Leadership, Initiative;

Hello there!

Overall, I have 8 years of Design experience serving executives in various industries, including but not limited to Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Fashion, Healthcare, &
Construction. From a design perspective, I have been responsible for everything from Visual, UX/UI, Branding, and Print Design.  I have helped Fortune 500 organizations and Small Businesses create strategies and complete branding systems as well as logos, colors, websites, typography, customer personality profiles, strategy concept, values, and customer interaction.  Lastly, I also hold a degree from CCA or California College of the Arts which is a top 10 school in design.

At Rivian Automotive, I was on their UX/UI/Special Projects team where my website concept heavily influenced Rivian’s current homepage.  Here, I also designed the complete typography system for their brand and the safety guide for heir first model, the R1T.

At Neiman Marcus I was positioned as a Homepage Designer where myself and oneother designer were in charge of directing the homepage for desktop and mobile, as well as their app.  These tasks included creating widgets, photo compositing, retouches, content development, user research and testing, creating banner template systems, and more!  I was also a heavy influencer to their Fall 2022 season brand where their mission was to captivate a younger audience. 

San Francisco, California