Vincent Keeffe (21 March 1991 — 20××), a Brand and Photomanipulation Specialist, with an affinity for creating environments and immersive experiences. Classically trained for reliability. A career in craft, design, and science for function, aesthetic, and perception. Ongoing and evolving practice of techniques, software, and concept.

The design industry is constantly evolving. With an understanding of Gestalt, the study of Golden Ratio Principals, and industry observations in recent breakthroughs. I have a good understanding of where the design industry is going and my abilities in visual creation of all kinds are a representation of my understanding and achievement.

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            Our environment will always have a great influence over our lives. Graphics, symbols, and communication have the power to not only create positive interactions for people every day but to also be provocative and a good role model.

My approaches to design take influence from the constructivists, Bauhaus, and other historical systems. Depending on the client or project, the approach to the design solution may change. Nature and the golden ratio will always compare and contrast. 


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San Francisco, California